Most home and commercial disinfectant cleaning solutions stop working as soon as they dry (within 1-3 seconds), and rely on toxic and harmful chemicals or heavy metals that corrode and destroy surfaces. These poisons and heavy metals do not offer long-lasting antimicrobial protection or an effective kill rate. This means that the surviving germs can mutate and become antibacterial-resistant "supergerms", which are one of the most serious global threats to human health today. The high levels of harsh chemicals in cleaning products can also cause your employees or customers to experience skin rashes, poisoning, breathing issues including eye, nose and throat irritations and in extreme cases fatality.


Most cleaning products on the market are "unbound", meaning they lose effectiveness rapidly as they leach, drain and run off into the environment. This can have detrimental and long-lasting effects on surrounding animal, plant and human health. For example, Triclosan, a disinfectant and antimicrobial product that was finally banned by the FDA in December 2017, leached into wastewater treatment plants, severely altering the aquatic environment. Sadly, thousands of current cleaning sanitizers and antibacterial products still on the market today use harmful use chemicals like Triclosan, and require more research to determine their lasting environmental, and human, effects. 


We believe that the life and health of us and our planet is precious. That is why we use a breakthrough formula, with an unmatched safety profile, to address the blatant problems plaguing current cleaning and antibacterial solutions.

We use the ONLY green antimicrobial technology in the world. After one application, our micro biostatic antimicrobial coating continues to pierce and kill bacteria, mold, fungus, yeast and viral micro organisms for up to 6 months, providing a long-lasting and safe persistent bacteria barrier on your surfaces. The mechanical kill method means that no superbugs can ever be formed and a greater diversity of bacteria are killed than what can be achieved with regular cleaning products. Once applied, the coating is covalently bound to the surface, so it will never leach into any surrounding environment or person. With no toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, phenols or sulfates, our coating is an environmentally sustainable, human-safe, water-based and pH balanced shield that continuously, and invisibly, protects your surfaces.